Elvis seen in Porthcawl?

Your Porthcawl Business Here?

Put your Porthcawl business here and publicise yourself to the many thousands of tourism visitors we will interact with in the next twelve months?

If the superhighway is the engine which drives the Internet without a doubt backlinks, are the fuel which drives the engine?

Without backlinks all that lovely data would remain unread? Our visitor attractions? Painstakingly nurtured and prepared for the forthcoming tourism season? Well they would go un-visited?

A word to the wise though? Not every backlink is a good backlink? If you had the vicar round for tea for instance, you would not wish to expose him or her to your website if there were links on the page which could be deemed…unsuitable? For a man of the cloth?

Perhaps most important of all? The all-seeing monster that is Google has its own opinions on what constitutes a good backlink, and what doesn’t?

Get caught with a backlink which Google feels comes from ‘the seedier end of town’ and that seediness could inadvertently rub off on you? Damaging your own search ranking?

So as you can see, backlinks are a bit of a mine-field? But its not all bad news?

If you wanted to turbo-charge your Internet marketing by making sure your website is indexed regularly, a fresh injection of backlink ‘juice’ periodically, from websites of good repute? Is very much what the doctor ordered?

Your Porthcawl Business Here?

If you decide to exchange links with Dial a Cab for instance? Everytime we update our website and the Google bots come to scan our content for indexing? Your website gets scanned too? As a result of our mutual link?

That helps a lot with helping your business stand out from the crowd?

But how do you find these good backlinks?

Thats the easy part? Let Indexd SEO and Dial a Cab Taxis Porthcawl do the leg work so you don’t have to?

Dial a Cab Backlink Exchange
It all starts with a conversation? Drop us a message telling us you would like to get involved in the backlink exchange and we will set up a custom ‘Attractions’ page for your business? On our website?

We will display this link to our visitors in the hope a few of them will drop by and visit you? But thats only half of the good news?

Once other local attractions see you taking part they’re likely to get in touch with you too? Before you know it you will have dozens of good clean backlinks for your website? Adding authority to your Google rank? Whilst at the same time extending your ‘Reach’ as a business?

Its Win/Win for all concerned so don’t delay? Drop us a message about claiming your backlink and lets build towards a fruitful 2020 tourism season?

Call Dial a Cab Taxis Porthcawl on 01656 511 007 or, talk to us direct on facebook?


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