Dial a Cab Porthcawl Taxis

Serving Porthcawl for Over 30 Years

Dial a Cab Porthcawl Taxis is ferociously proud to serve, both the resort and the community of Porthcawl on the Heritage Coast.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and a weak pound Sterling, the UK family holiday is quickly coming back into fashion according to the national press? So for Porthcawl, the future looks bright?

Our beaches and facilities, allied to the works going on at Rest Bay and in the Harbour Quarter where 2 new all weather visitor attractions will open within 12 months of each other, all point towards a firm foundation on which to build an aggressive and wide-ranging awareness campaign?

With the town of Porthcawl firmly front & centre.

Thanks to a national economy which is actually doing quite well thank you very much, the Great British holiday maker has some disposable money to spend?

We would like nothing more than to help them come and spend it in Porthcawl.

Helping local business as well as the wider economy?

To aid in this endeavour Dial a Cab Porthcawl Taxi’s are undertaking a marketing campaign to help hi-light to the thousands of tourists who search for information on holidaying in Porthcawl, exactly what they will find to enjoy, once they arrive?

If you have a business in Porthcawl which serves either the holiday visitors or the wider community we would like to help expose your business too?

Hotels and restaurants are particularly suited to this kind of digital marketing? But any small business owner is welcome to get in touch?

All its going to cost you is a reciprocated link back to the taxisporthcawl.co.uk website?

Our marketing department will do the rest?

Like to know more? Please do get in touch?

You can call us on 01656 511 007? Or if you prefer you can chat to us on facebook?

Dial a Cab Porthcawl. Taxis Ready When You Are!

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