Porthcawl Taxi to Bristol Airport? Things to Consider.

Bristol Airport
If you are planning on catching a Porthcawl Taxi to Bristol Airport there are some things its worth knowing about. This, from the perspective of a professional driver with over 30 years behind the wheel?

A taxi ride from Porthcawl to Bristol airport should take in the region of an hour when the traffic is favorable?

Its just a short jaunt up the M4, onto the M5 and skirt around the southern borders of the city of Bristol. The airport is about 10 miles away from the city centre itself.

However the stretches of the M4 & M5 we need to drive on are highly susceptible to sudden environmental changes?

A car driver changing a flat tyre in the hard shoulder is liable, in the wrong section of motorway, to quickly cause a 10 mile queue?

The situation is made even worse if the puncture happens in the run up to, or during rush hour?

What that means is the paying passenger could be caught in a taxi with the meter running, for hours?

Pre-Set Tariff’s
Of course at Dial a Cab we will have agreed a price before even starting the journey so whilst that would not apply with us, the amounts of stress generated by such a delay we could all do without right?

Dial a Cab Porthcawl
Here at Dial a Cab the last thing we want is for our customers to be left with a sour taste in their mouths after they do business with us?Even if we were not the cause of the angst?

For us, the ideal scenario is a quick 50 minute or so drive to Bristol Airport before bidding you bon voyage at the airport drop off point?

Tips to Consider When Making Travel Arrangements

The M4 is a normally docile creature but it changes with lightening speed? The ideal way to absolutely minimise your taxi cost, is to carefully plan your travel times?

For instance if you have a 10 am flight out of Bristol Airport bound for Tenerife, and your airline requires you book in 2 hours before departure? Planning on arriving at Bristol Airport for 8 am needs a little advanced planning?

Its no good requesting a taxi for 7 am in Porthcawl? As there is a chance (if the poor motorist with the flat tyre has anything to do with it), we could get caught up in the ferocious Bristol morning rush hour?

So if you are planning a holiday and you are going to need a Porthcawl taxi to take you to Bristol Airport? Consider the morning and evening rush hour in your travel planning.

It could save you an absolute fortune and a lot of stress?

Call Dial a Cab Porthcawl Taxi’s if you would like to discuss your forthcoming travel arrangements. 01656 511 007. Or talk to us on facebook?

Dial a Cab Porthcawl. Ready When You Are.


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