Taxi Porthcawl to Swansea

Catch a Taxi from Porthcawl to Swansea? 01656 511 007

Catch a taxi from Porthcawl to Swansea with the absolute minimum of effort and fuss. With Dial a Cab Porthcawl Taxi’s.

“It is Janice’s hen night in Swansea. Janice from accounts? You know, the one with the unfortunate dress sense?”

“A gang of the girls from work are heading to Swansea for a big night out and I wondered if you needed to jump in the taxi with us?”

Its a text message or email which gets sent out a hundred times a month? No one actually knows who is going to turn up? So no one actually knows how many seats you need in the taxi?

Dial a Cab Taxis Porthcawl

But don’t let that phase you. Dial a Cab Porthcawl can accomadate you from 1 seat right up to a 16 seat mini bus? If thats enough enough seats no problem? We can simply bring another mini bus*?

The throbbing metropolis of Swansea is only a short taxi ride down the M4. Call Dial a Cab for a pre-arranged taxi collection anywhere in Porthcawl and within no time at all you will be sitting in some trendy wine bar close to the waterfront, sipping prosecco and putting the world to rights with the girls.

Dial a Cab takes all the stress out of booking taxi Porthcawl to Swansea, and by the time you split the reasonable cost between all the girls it can almost work out cheaper than catching a bus? Seriously.

So if you are planning a big night out and you are going to need a taxi from Porthcawl to Swansea?

Call Dial a Cab Taxis Porthcawl (01656 511 007) for an informal chat with one of our experienced operators?

Or if you prefer you can chat to us direct on facebook?

Dial a Cab Taxi’s Porthcawl. Ready When You Are?

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