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1 Click Taxi in Porthcawl?

Why would you need a 1 click taxi in Porthcawl? That depends I suppose on how much ‘stuff’ your carrying and how far you have to carry it?

I remember coming off the beach at Sandy Bay Porthcawl after having a fun filled day eating and drinking with the wife and kids, only to have to put everything I was carrying down, to call a taxi? The breeze was coming on, it was just starting to rain and everyone was getting grumpy and tired.

At this stage its worth mentioning it was the early 90’s and I wasn’t driving at the time. Also, phone technology wasn’t what it is today?

In fact half of the weight I was actually carrying was my mobile phone? They were massive back then? With a huge battery which lasted about 12 minutes.

So any thought of being able to unfold my phone cover, bark ‘Dial a Cab website’ at it so that it opened the page I wanted. With only a single, big green button to push to (quite literally) dial a cab? You would have had the men in white coats chasing you?

1 Click Taxi in Porthcawl 2019?

Today, in 2019 its as easy as that? Easier even than that? If you download the free app from your favourite app store and pre-load your journey?

So next time you are coming out the shops, arms laden with shopping whilst at the same time controlling little Sian and Gareth who are trying their hardest to run amok?

Give it a try?

Android or Apple? Siri or Cortana?

They’re both equally as helpful 🙂

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